Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

My first ever Thursday Thirteen post. The theme is 13 words that describe me and they all have to begin with the same letter. I chose M, because, well you'll see. Here goes........

1 M is for Michelle, my name
2 M is for Mom, I'm mother to 3 children
3 M is for Miss Michelle, the name I answer to at the school where I work
4 M is for multi-tasker, I usually have more than one thing going on at once
5 M is for muncher, I snack, a lot
6 M is for madhouse minder, it gets crazy around here in the evenings with homework and dinner and bath time and ..........
7 M is for make believe, I'm a big-time daydreamer
8 M is for make love, not war, I'm not a fan of fighting, but that said........
9 M is for mighty bitchy, sometimes I'm not very pleasant
10 M is for manage, I try to take each day and do my best with it, sometimes I succeed and sometimes I suck, but tomorrow is always a chance to do better
11 M is for meander, I like to think of life as a journey, meandering here and there and not a destination, because if this is IT, well I don't feel nearly "arrived" yet
12 M is for memory loss, I don't know where my memories are hiding, simple things like where I left my camera or placing a face with a name of an old schoolmate, it's tough when your memory grows slippery
13 M is for mobile, it's important to me to keep moving, to keep myself flexible and strong, if I stop moving, I grow stiff


Homemom3 said...

Hi Michelle. Oh I'm a muncher too especially chocolate and caramel popcorn. Yummy. Make believe is fun, I recommend it to everyone. Congrats on your first 13. :)Happy TT, I did mine too. All "C"s.

Arlene said...

Hi Michelle, good post, and I loved the picture too. very creative using all M's.

Lucy said...

haha I love your honesty with #9 and I'm right there with you with #12!
nice list! I wish I would have written a nice one like this, instead of being so cranky.