Saturday, May 24, 2008

Romeo Came To Call

Today we had a gentleman caller and his name is Romeo. I was sitting on the couch, the door open to the breeze, and all of a sudden there he was, doggy-grinning at me. He's a working dog. He takes care of the lady who lives behind us.
Sarah talks about him all the time. The man that lived in that apartment before, he had a working dog, but the kids weren't allowed to play or even pet him. His assistant explained to the kids that he had an important job and playing with him would confuse him. Apparently Romeo has different rules.
As you can see, he and Sarah are great friends. Sarah loves dogs so much - she actually wishes she was a dog. I'm serious. Romeo appeared to be posing for the camera. He's very charming.
Oh, there you go, that's the spot.
This visit, this is all I'm up to writing about tonight. Sorry, not very wordy.


Homemom3 said...

Romeo looks like a very nice dog and would make a wonderful pet. You said he's a working dog. What type? Guide dog? For the blind? etc.

At first I thought you got a new pet. :)

Askew To You said...

Romeo's owner is a lady who uses a wheelchair. I haven't ever spoken to her, but I've seen her around a lot.

Sarah would love it if he was her pet. Doesn't he look like a sweet boy.

Hey, how is your weekend going?

Abby said...

What a sweet looking dog! As a dog lover, I really enjoyed this post.