Friday, May 23, 2008

I Like the Creek

She's got her shades. She's got her pink milk. My gal, Trinity, is ready for an afternoon at the creek. Shutter Sisters theme for today is an image that represents a place where your soul is most content. I like the creek. It runs through Bidwell Park, in the town of Chico, where I live. I've posted photos of it before - at the Sycamore Pool, up where it runs down through the Basalt rock in Upper Bidwell, but my favorite spot is the one above. The photo of my nephew, Chance, up at the top of my page, in the title, is taken at the same place. I love the way he's blissfully enjoying the sun on his face in that one. During the warm months, we grab a few rafts and head over to float in shallow water, watching the fish and polliwogs swim beneath us. It's so relaxing - a place that I can escape to that is only moments from my home.
Here is a second shot of Trinity, my lovely niece. I have a feeling she's looking at some polliwogs - there are hundreds of them, really big ones. See her little smile? She's definitely enjoying the creek.


Homemom3 said...

oh and the water looks so warm. Am I right?

tracey clark said...

oooooo, the creek sounds wonderful.