Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post Number 50

Today marks my 5oth post. I've only missed two days in that time, even though I sometimes have absolutely nothing of interest to talk about ...........

Today is one of those lack of interest days. I got up, I argued with my teenager, I got my other kids off to school, I ate breakfast, I went for a run, I got ready for work, I had a weird hot flash, I went by the grocery store on the way home from work, I went home and did some stuff on my computer, I picked up Bay, I met Max's bus, I went back to the grocery store, I took some pictures, I took nieghborhood kid Alana down to try to find her iPod (she found it!!!) in the grass near the school, I started dinner, I put the other computer back together, I ate dinner, and now I'm back on my computer. See what I mean? Pretty normal.

Today I picked up another plant for my patio garden - a zuchini. At the same store, I was able to pick up a tomato cage and they gave me a bottom part for my umbrella. Score!! They were all sold out of the umbrellas - mine was a goner due to the high winds we've been having - and I was trying to talk the lady into selling me the bottom to the display model (which was a broken umbrella) when they took it down. She said, "You know, we might have one in the back," and they did. So I was able to fix it for free. I love Raleys.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about today, so I grabbed my camera and took a walk around the apartments. Here's a guy doing some roofing. They are doing the entire complex, one building at a time. This is a hard job, especially in a hot place like Chico. I hope they are paid really, really well.
I had to get some shots of clouds. I never tire of the clouds.
I messed around with this one. The deep blue and the white-white of the cloud remind me a little of a Maxfield Parrish print. I was thinking of "Ecstasy." Maxfield Parrish is my favorite artist. Did you know that when he painted, he would sometimes paint 100 layers on a single painting. Wow. Last night my boyfriend mentioned maybe moving to Alaska someday. The thought, in equal parts, interests and scares the stuffing out of me. Alaska. That's pretty far away from all my nieces and nephews. And all the rest of my family, but my first thought was of the kids. I love those kids. I didn't talk to the girls about it. There's no point in it now. I did ask Sarah if she ever thought about Alaska. She said, "It's cold there."

His ideas, I do like his ideas - he is thinking of running a fishing expedition business with a lodge. He said something about owning our own power. Power as in electricity. I'm not sure how that works. He probably explained it, but I was hung up on the idea of it, didn't absorb the details of how. It's a long way off, but still, worth some thought and research. I love having something to research. To me, that's the most exciting thing about the internet - all that information right at my fingertips.

Time to clean the kitchen. Good evening to you.


Homemom3 said...

Oh wow it doesn't even seem like 50. :) wow, congrats! I love the pictures, especially the clouds. Alaska is something we've dreamed of but if we ever do it it'll be after the kids.

Gayle said...

Tell Sarah it is cold here. It was 34 degrees cold here this morning. (Sorry, whining...I want Spring to be Summer like the rest of you so I can plant flowers). Funny how we all yearn to live somewhere else (me too). The grass is always greener....