Friday, November 19, 2010

Laptopping It At Micky D's

I'm all moved and ready to start my new job on Monday. So far, no internet access....... and I'm missing my handsome boyfriend who is out being a wood cutter. He camps when he does that, in the snow. Next time I'm feeling tired and sorry for myself, I'm going to picture him cutting, splitting, and loading wood all day, then sleeping in a tent that night... really puts things into perspective.

Is it wrong to say that I'm proud of how hard my man works, because I really am.  I swear he's 10 feet tall and shines like the sun to me. I bet he'd be embarrassed to read that. Sorry, John. Sometimes I gush.

I'm sitting in McDonald's as I type this, taking advantage of their free internet access. There's a big blown up red M&M sitting in the dining room. The little kids get so excited when they come around the corner and see it. Oohh! They say, then they poke at it.

Well, my computer my battery is going. I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My 400th Post

This is my 400th post, as you can tell by my title. Wow. I must really like to write about myself. :)

Today is my last day at my new job, because this weekend I am moving almost 3 hours away, to a place where I will need to find a new-new job. We, my boyfriend and I, are renting a cute, little house at the edge of town, with a woodstove and a view of grass, cows, and mountains. I am so excited.

I'm nervous about the moving, but more about the job-less-ness. I am in no way nervous about moving in with my boyfriend. I tried this with him before and it worked well then - I'm hoping it's even better this time. I'm older now and I don't have the same expectations I had then. I'm not as selfish, that's for sure.

I'm also very excited because this means I will get to see Muddy Waters every day and I love that dog.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Falling Behind

I'm very behind on all my blogs. I haven't written anything at Girl Looks Swell in forever and I had two giveaways to write up. Everything is in a sort of upheaval now, so I'm going to leave it for a bit. I'm in the middle of some big changes and I'm not real sure what is going to happen. I wish I did, because I know that my family would like some answers, but so many things hinge on how will an interview will go or if we can find a place. I don't like not having answers for my mom, the girls, my sister, but I don't know myself right now. Sure would be nice to be independently wealthy. I'd pack my stuff, go BUY a house, and move my family in.

I know I said I wasn't going to write about my boyfriend, but I have to write this - that guy is calm. Super calm. I feel myself tensing up and he stays loose and good-natured and I think, I really need to learn how to do that.

I was calm and relaxed for a long time. It was easy, because I made my life as simple as I could, I had my routine and my familiar surroundings. It's change or up-coming change that throws me. I have faith that in a short time I'm going to be feeling calm again.

Okay, time to fold some clothes. I've got packing to do.