Sunday, April 13, 2008

Potting Plants

This morning I got up early and went to get some gardening supplies. I have a couple of Heirloom Tomatoes that needed re-potting and I can always use a bit more color to spread around. I have a Japanese Maple that started out in a one gallon pot and is now as tall as I am. I would really like to find a nice, heavy pot for it, something that would discourage people from walking off with it, like they did with my Redwood Tree last summer. So far, I haven't found what I am looking for, but I did find a couple of inexpensive plastic pots for the tomatoes.

I picked up some seeds and little start pots, too. My plan is to replant them in a bigger pot later - I think Max's Tree will do nicely. It's a very deep pot and it gets good afternoon sun - perfect for the pumpkins I want to grow.

I took the smaller pots and refilled them with some new Petunias. I like to have a mixture of the white, purple, and ballerina pinks because I've noticed that they have the largest flowers. The whites really are my favorite, because they set everything else off. Currently, I can only find mixed color sets. I suppose it's still a bit early, but even so, Lowes was packed today.

I wish I could pick up another Redwood. A guy was buying a whole bunch of them - had a hand cart full of them and I was a bit envious. Maybe I'll add one later in the season and I"ll put it in a bigger, heavier pot. I do love the Redwoods and how they appear to dance on the breeze.
Sarah helped with the seeds today. She planted pumpkins, sunflowers, and a variety of Cosmos. The pink Cosmos, they are lovely and always remind me of living up in Yreka. They grow well there, not as well here in Chico. I'm not sure why - maybe they don't like the heat.

When I turned 30, my mom took me to Fort Bragg and I was surprised to see Cosmos all over the place there. They must really love the moist air and mild temperature. When I think back to my 30th birthday, I remember the Cosmos, that Bay made one diet soda last the entire weekend, walking along the bridge with the sea air blowing in my face, and the big black bottle of Champagne that Grandma had waiting for us when we arrived. Mom kept saying, "Life begins at 30!" In some ways it did, I got pregnant with Sarah not long after that and her arrival brought the beginning of some wonderful times for me and the kids. Forty though, that's when I feel that I hit my stride. I loved turning 40.

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