Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I spent the better part of Sunday cleaning up my patio area.

I live in an apartment, on the ground floor, and I have the use of a large cement slab, as well as an interior, but still outdoor area, for storage. Most of my neighbors do nothing with their patios. This puzzles me - why pick this particular location if you have no interest in utilizing it to the fullest?

I have a table with a couple of chairs and a small umbrella - we use this area to sit and do homework, eat, or well just hang out. I use a couple of faux-Adirondack chairs and a small table for lounging and I grow herbs, flowers, and the occasional tomato in pots I place all over. I switched the dining and lounging areas around, added potted trees for an attempt at more privacy and the effect was deemed "magical" and "jungle-y" by the neighborhood kids. I am very pleased - can't get much better than a magical jungle.

We've been experiencing Spring for some weeks in my part of northern California. My children and I are enjoying watching everything come alive again. (With the exception of the returning mosquitoes - what is the purpose of mosquitoes?) I'll post a few pictures of the various views from my lounge chair, as well as a couple of photos that I took when I decided to attempt to make my own home-made lenses on my inexpensive little Olympus. (I shot them through an old pyrex brownie pan). It didn't work like I had hoped, but I do like the distorted effect in a couple.

Good day to you.

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