Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the Road Again

Last night, Sarah and I rode our bikes over to Kohl's. Around back, there's this large open space where we could ride in circles over and over. There were no cars to worry about and I was able to keep a good pace without Sarah falling behind. I counted my pace at 6 minutes a mile, rather than 5 minutes a mile, to be on the safe side. In this way, I figure that I rode 10 miles. I went out earlier in the day and rode 10 miles (more measured) then, as well.

I felt pretty good when I was done - not as if I had put in 20 miles. I think I'm absolutely ready for a 30 mile ride at the end of the month. The local riding club puts on a Century ride and I really want to do one of the shorter rides. I've been trying to talk my friend into doing it with me, but so far no luck. I'm afraid that I'm bordering on pushy and I don't want to be pushy. I know that it will take me at least 3 hours to ride that far alone. That is a long time to be alone with my thoughts.

If you are local and interested in riding it, you can find information here:

Another event I'm intersted in doing is the I've never done a triathlon before and this one is sprint length. I can run three miles and bike 12, although I have never tried both in the same day. I haven't swam in a long time, but I could cover the distance required. I'm not trying to win anything - I just want to take part.

These events cost money, and this time of year, I've got to get the kids new summer clothes, so it's either one or the other. I would like to do both. Maybe I can figure it out.

Next year, I'd like to get either one or both of the girls to do the Wildflower with me. There's a 15 mile Flatflower that Sarah would be able to complete with a little training.

Hanging out with Sarah is so much fun. She is such a unique, authentic person. We rode with our headphones on and every once in awhile she would jump off her bike and dance. Then, back on the bike for more circles, then off for more dancing........... Her enthusiasm charms me.

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