Friday, April 25, 2008

Chico Loves the Art

I went to look at a house that is for sale today and my head is full of it. So, I'm having trouble concentrating on writing this. In my mind, I'm painting walls and knocking out this really hideous lattice on the back patio. Then, when I'm done with all that, I'll take a dip in my pool............. See what I mean?

Instead, I'm going to show a couple of pieces of art that I've found around my town. This first piece is right down the road from me - in front of Kohls. When you drive in, it looks like a sunny day, but when you drive out.............

You get a night view. Pretty cool, don't you think? They are rusty, square columns, set diagonally, with the mosaic pictures on opposite sides of the column. This is the Kohls where we ride in the back parking lot. It's also the place where we saw the little family of geese a couple of days ago.
This is the mural that Sarah and I walk by on our way to the Farmer's Market. I saw part of it being painted - I think it was last summer. Could've been farther back, the point is, it was fun to see them block it out and then to see it all done when I went back in a few weeks. I like the wind section best, but it's all very beautiful.

I'll have more to say tomorrow. I'm going to work with Bay and the Girl Scouts doing registration check-in for the Wildflower bike race that I am riding in on Sunday.

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