Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Story of My Wednesday

More lovely weather here in Chico. After suffering through the heat wave of last week, we've had some mild days in the 80s. Yay!

There's a problem at school and it's not with the children. I work with a lady who has MS. She works very hard both in school with the kids, at her home nail business, and for her family. She sometimes has problems with her memory and communicating, but she really tries to plan things ahead so that her day goes smoothly. She has a very strong personality and when I first started working at the school, three years ago, I didn't really like her very much. That changed after a few months, when I came to understand her sense of humor and the way she dealt with the pressures of the job. We don't have to work a long day, but it's a couple of hours of loud, chaotic excitement. She does the breakfast crowd, then lunch, then comes back at the end of the day and works another hour and a half with the kids who are waiting for buses. Another of our co-workers - he works a different job, but our work days overlap - he messes with her. It really gets to her.

She called me today and we talked about it for awhile. She has tried to talk to our principal about the problem - last year and this year. The principal doesn't believe that he is doing it, thinks it must be a child. There are no children in the cafeteria at the time these things are happening - he is in there alone.

I advised ignoring him. If you don't react, he does not get what you want. I don't understand the behavior and I told her that he must be pretty miserable to act out in that way. It's the kind of thing we'd expect from an angry child. I'm hoping that tomorrow she walks in and does not react to his behavior at all. It will be tough, but she faces bigger challenges than him every single day. Oh dang! I wish that I would have thought of that one when I was talking to her earlier.

The cooler weather means it's much more comfortable on the patio. I cut my plants back and fed them. My tomatoes have never grown any tomatoes. How weird is that? I've grown tomatoes in pots off and on for years. This is the first time this has happened and it happened to BOTH plants. I took them out of the pots, put them in the soil - still NO tomatoes. It sucks. Oh well, I suppose that's what the Farmer's Market is for.

Sarah and her pals are out there right now. The window is open and I can hear their music and their laughter.

One of her friends just started middle school. She is sitting out there with make-up on. I wonder if that is odd to Sarah? Yesterday, this same friend came walking down the path and she was wearing high-heeled boots. She walked all the way home that way. Ouch. Growing up, it can be painful.

I'm having much fun with my new writing job. Today I posted the 2nd part of a 3 part series on online dating. Some people think it's risky, that the online sites are full of freaks and pervs, but honestly, I have some friends who have met some wonderful men. I'd love to see or read or hear about others have that kind of luck in love. If you'd like to see it, it's at

I have a new co-blogger over there. Her name is Lara and she sounds pretty interesting. She is a volunteer firefighter, a plus-size model, an actor, and a zoologist. She's done some more things, but I can't remember what at the moment.

Okay, that's about it for now.

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