Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday - No Photos

Hi. I haven't updated in awhile. I'm having internet issues and for some reason, uploading photos here is not working. I will try again later.

School is going well so far. It was far cooler today. Big relief. No big injuries today although I handed out a lot of bandaids. I talked to a new girl from Santa Rosa. She was very shy and early in the recess she was out at the edge of the playground looking like she was talking to a tree. I spoke to some other girls, asked them to go say hi to her, but they never made it all the way up to her. Another girl, herself new last year, she walked over and they spent most of the rest of recess playing hopscotch. I went to talk to them and the newer girl, every time she tried to talk, the less new girl would talk over the top of her. I imagine it was very frustrating. I hope she is able to make some good friends. She is on the heavier side and sometimes kids - even 3rd graders - are cruel about things like that.

Today was Bay's first day of school. She got angry with me for making her do her work. I think that that is the way it will always be. She was also mad that I have to take her to her appoints with her teacher early, but she's going to have to get used to it - I have to be at work at that time. She is just that stubborn, though, she will really be angry with me every week, even though waiting for the appointment is still better than riding the bus on her own.

I have spoken with a lady at work about two possible photography jobs. Holy cow! I need to get organized. I'd hate to waste an opportunity like that because I don't have a portfolio.

Okay, time to make dinner.

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