Monday, August 25, 2008

Ruby Tuesday - Diet Coke

I'm getting in on Ruby Tuesday a bit early. If you want to see more, please look over at, where Ruby Tuesday is hosted by The Teach. :D

My son, Max, is ill. I took him to the Dr today, but they weren't able to figure out exactly what is going on. They had me take him down to the lab and his white cells are elevated, which indicates that there is an infection somewhere. Max can't tell us what hurts - I could only guess that something was off because he's had a low-grade fever. The Dr looked at his teeth, his throat, up his nose - it's impossible to tell. Poor kid. He's normally so stoic, but he has been moaning - he really doesn't feel good. Hopefully the medicine that they are calling in for him will help him soon.
I was busy with the new blog this weekend. I wrote about Michael Phelps, Ryan Hall and running, Music, and this thing called Juicy Campus. If you have an interest in any of those topics please look at And if you have a chance, please, please leave a comment. I always feel bad for the posts that sit there with a 0 next to the word "comment." Lonely little posts.

I updated, too. I made a simple sandwich that was so yummy and I put up a lemon vinegarette recipe. I used the vinegarette to marinate chicken. Yum.

Sarah is watching a show with a restaurant called "Sushi Rox" or "Sushi Rocks" and it's making me very hungry for sushi. Oh no, the building is burning. Soon that fish will no longer be sushi. There goes the fire alarm. Wow. Lots of drama for Zoey 101.

That is all. I wish you a good day/evening.


Ralph said...

Red is red, in anything...anywhere. You and Max deserve a wonderful Ruby Tuesday...and that Max feels better.

We parents hate for our kids to hurt...

Mimi Lenox said...

I hope your son feels better. Sending good thoughts his way.

My Ruby Tuesday is Ruby Tuesday and Baby Boy Lost

Norm said...

I love diet coke too, hope your son Max is fine now. Just take care always and thanks for the visit.

Yen said...

I hope your son feels better soon! that's sad that the Doctor can't find out what's wrong! :(

Anyway, I like your entry! COOL too:D

Mine's up if you got a chance, HERE!

lucy said...

Without Diet Coke..I couldn't face the day. Hope Max is feeling better soon. Thanks for sharing.

dot said...

I hope they find what is wrong with your son and that it's nothing serious.
The coke can made a nice photo!

Askew To You said...

Thanks for the get-better wishes for Max. He's still feeling yucky this morning, but I plan to hit him with meds and fruit juice pretty vigorously today. Hopefully he will be feeling more himself by tomorrow.

Diet Coke - oh I wish I had one now. I love iced tea, but it's just not the same.

Thank you all for stopping by.

Mojo said...

I had some pretty good sushi last Friday night. And you just made me want to go back!

Hope your son is better soon.

Nice take on the theme with the Diet Coke... Red is, indeed, everywhere.
- Mojo

Dianne said...

great shot of the soda can!

hope Max continues to do better on his meds and juice.

it's awful when they're little and not feeling right.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear that. Is is so frustrating and scary when you don't know what is going on. Poor Max. I hope the med helps so he can feel better....

Terry said...

Oh I guess Max must be feeling better now Askew, since the first time I saw him was in your October post, and he was having a great time at the party! He is such a sweet kid.
You know I have a rich sister.
She has three special kids and the greatest joy in her life she tells me is that she will have them the rest of her life whereas all of my brothers and sister[except for my sister Betty who has a boy with MD] will have to be saying good bye to their kids as they leave the nest one by one.
You are very fortunate Askew and so is Max.
What is your first name by the way?....Love Terry

Askew To You said...

Hi Terry. :D My name is Michelle. I am very fortunate - I love being Max's mom. He's sweetness and light, that's for sure. I wish your sister and her family well.