Monday, August 4, 2008

Fill In Flash

Shutter Sister's daily challenge today was fun. The subject was fill in flash - you shoot your subject with the sun to their back, but you also use your flash, so they are lit on both sides. It's always so interesting to see what the Sister's share. I get inspired and try not to get too intimidated.
Sarah agreed to be my subject. Not sure how I was able to talk her into it again. I've probably taken more photos of her in the last 4 months than I took in her entire life previously. Did that sentence make sense? I hope it made a little sense. I looked up photography classes at the jr college, but they are all full. Dang. Oh well, I'll keep doing what I'm doing. Today I actually went off the manual shooting - messed with some settings. It was fun.
Sarah has been playing with her Game Boy quite a bit lately. She has a vet game and she plays Pokemon. She played Lizzie McGuire, but that's a pretty quick game, as I remember from Bay's Game Boy days. She's wearing one of Bay's old tops here. She lucked out when Bay cleaned her closet the other day. She was thrilled - nothing cooler than your teenage sister's hand me downs. I can remember that from when I had an older stepsister.
Well, I better get to bed now. I don't know how I'm still awake. I did a long (for me) run today - felt like barfing when I was done. Ugh. And of course I had a whole busy evening ahead of me - dinner for Max, dinner for me and Sarah, laundry, dishes, and .........well, you know if you are a Mom.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. What did you do?


Homemom3 said...

love the shot of the one of her playing the game, something about the background there.

Askew To You said...

Thanks Eliza. You ought to try this with your camera. If it won't shoot, then get the head of the subject to block the direct sun.

Are you enjoying your flickr account?