Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Stress Is Getting To the Kids

I've noticed a real difference with the kids at school this week. They are mean.

I spoke with a co-worker about it and he mentioned that maybe the kids are picking up on the stress we adults are feeling these days. That made so much sense, but in my own stress of the day - brought on by the children's stress of the day - I forgot. After school, I mentioned the bad behavior to my principal and she started saying the same thing, "Children are so intuitive......."

Today, there were 3 different football to the face (resulting in blood) situations. 3!!! Before today this happened.......never. I'm sure during other recesses, but in the almost 6 months that I've been out of the cafeteria and on recess duty, it hasn't come up. In fact, I've only had 2 other bloody noses all year.

And another thing, Logan, who had the shoes that did not fit last year, well he's still wearing the same pair this year and they still do not fit. His sister is also wearing too-big shoes. Nevah, has cried two days in a row and needs lots of hugs. These kids, they've got tricky stuff to deal with, too.

Sometimes I have to slow down and look at the big picture. Of course the children are stressed. Who has it easy anymore? No one. They aren't mean, they are acting out, and they need calm understanding more than ever.

I can do that.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where you work, but if it's an inner city school like I taught at..when things get tough for the rest of us..things really get miserable for lower income families.. It's nice that you care enough to want to help....Michelle..

Dianne said...

a friend told me that her son is having bad dreams about them losing their home

it's so hard to let them be children these days

hugs to you - I know you'll pass them on

Askew To You said...

Michelle, I live in a small town in northern CA, which means nobody makes very much money. I am trying to think of something to do for the families who are struggling most. I don't know what yet, but I'm thinking .......... I wish I could start a running club for the kids. I think I'll talk to my principal about that.

Hugs are the best part of my job, Dianne, and I will definitely pass them on. :D Thank you. I hope that your friend is able to keep her home.

MyMaracas said...

Kids can't help but pick up on it when their families are stressed, and they really hate uncertainty. It's good that they have you to understand and help.

There's a swap shop here that is helping a lot of people. No money is involved. People just bring in things their kids have outgrown or that they don't need anymore, and they sort through what others have brought and take what they need for free. Volunteers run it in donated space. We used to do something similar at the elementary school where my kids went, in an unused classroom. Maybe that would be an idea?