Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sarah and Basketball

There's an intersection about a half mile from my house where the birds hang out. They sit on the wires, then will all of a sudden fly off in a group, quickly switch directions - it's like they get some sort of signal, then swoop, swooping, swooping, then switch again, and finally land. How do the birds know when to change direction?

It's pretty cool and fairly entertaining, which is good, because I end up waiting for the light at this intersection frequently. It's on the way to Greg's house, among other places. I drive back and forth between our house and Greg's house about 12 times a day. Or at least 4. It feels like 12, though. Yesterday, Max and I took Sarah to basketball practice. She belongs to a team that is from the Notre Dame Catholic school. The school is blocks from downtown, near the college - California State University Chico. It's an older part of town. The trees are full and stately. The sun was setting in the distance and I tried to catch it here.
This tree is located in the parking lot. It is HUGE. That's my little white van right next to it. You can see Haley running on the left. She is on Sarah's team and like Sarah, she's not a student at Notre Dame. She goes to our school. She is a really good player - very aggressive and fast. I see Sarah watching her on the court. Sarah is not aggressive. She is good at shooting, but stealing the ball, getting in someone's face, that does not come naturally to her. She'll learn in time.

Today was the first official game and I forgot my memory card. No game photos!!! I was so mad. The game was exciting and the light in there was really good. Oh well. Next time.
For now I'll show you what I got from practice yesterday. Max and I waited in the van, but I walked her to the door and flashed the coach. Sorry coach. Earlier today I took a photo at the Farmer's Market and there's a lady pointing at me in one of the shots. I imagine she's saying, "Hey look, that woman is taking our picture." Or possibly, "Hey look at that gorgeous woman taking our picture. Aren't we lucky?" I'm a dreamer, you know.

I love the way it looks inside an old gym. All that gleaming wood. The gym from today had alligators hanging from the ceiling supports. Sarah loved that. It's a new gym - only 10 years old - and it's the school where Sarah will attend jr high in a couple of years.
Here's my beautiful b-baller dribbling in to practice. I'm very proud of her. She is such a bold kid. I wish I was more like that.


{i}Post said...

Fun! I love the sunset picture. Ty had a basketball game yesterday and i didn't take my camera because my arm hurt so bad, i couldn't hold it up! (I gave blood and they blew my vein really bad!)

Askew To You said...

Ooh, goodness!! Ouch!

I hope that Ty enjoyed his game. This is Sarah's first season and she was pooped when that game was over. :D

Thanks about the sunset picture. It's such a pretty part of town. I should take my camera down and wander around.

Anonymous said...

and my daughter is shy and reserved which is what I wish I was more like..well..not the shy..but more reserved would probably be good for me..