Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking Ahead and Behind

The other night, while Greg was talking to his family, the girls and I waited outside. Sarah and I stayed at the van and I got out my camera. I had it with me, because we had planned to take it on our hike. I took one of those in the rearview mirror photos. I always like those - like to take them, like to look at them. Something about the where you are going, where you've been at same time - it's interesting.
Sarah was very annoyed at the wait, but I knew that Greg was very stressed out and needed us to be flexible. Bay was ready for a fight and Greg's friend was across the street working her up even further. Some people really enjoy a scene - I get the feeling that he's one of them.

Here's Sarah losing her patience as we lost the light.
Bay took this one of Greg. She took a whole bunch, but I like the way he's looking out the window here. His neck and his chin - something about that part of him looks so young and vulnerable - closer to childhood, than adulthood. He's a good boy. I hope that he feels comfortable here with us.


{i}Post said...

Beautiful! I love the ahead and behind pics too. I take them often~

Dianne said...

I love where I've just been photos too :)

Homemom3 said...

love it, hope he does too. But can't see why he wouldn't. Man you can see she's steamed in that pic.

Anonymous said...

Yup..been there done that and I don't miss it..Good luck Barb..