Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hayden is One

We celebrated my nephew Hayden's birthday this weekend. He's now one year old. Yay! He likes my camera. Gimme. :D See his little runny nose? I heard that he was really feeling low the day before the party, but a party will perk any little guy up.
He got this cool train thingy. It has all these blocks and things to push. It's two pieces, but you can disconnect them and use the front part as a walker. Wow. I wish I had a train like this when I was a kid.

Shawna made a cake with a little airplane. He ate it one finger-tip taste at a time. He is so cute. He got very tired and leaned to the side, but he kept sticking that finger in again and again. :D

After his bath, it was like he had a second wind. He was smiley and goofy and played a tricky round of hide and go seek.

After the party, we got to take Ashley home for a sleepover. It was such a fun day.


Homemom3 said...

he definitely looks as if he was enjoying himself. Neat train too, I'll have to search for that one. Happy Birthday Hayden!

{i}Post said...

I love one year olds and their cute little white pearls of teeth!

Askew To You said...

He's a sweet one. I am very lucky that I have so many wonderful children in my life.

Those teeth, that moist little nose - he's so darn cute.

Heather said...

What a doll!

Askew To You said...

Thanks Heather. I can't wait to get over to their house with my new camera. :D