Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bailey and Greg

Bay wanted me to take some pictures of her and her boyfriend, Greg, but by the time I was able to do that, I'd lost most of the light. We are going to try again tomorrow. Here's what I could get............ He always has a hat on. She got him this one for Christmas. At first she picked out another one and when it didn't fit (and he didn't like it), she cried. It was sad. It's hard to pick out present sometimes - a lot of presure.
The focus is really not good here, but I had a little light.

Greg has almost the same expression in every photo. I almost said that when I was looking at the shots in my camera, then I thought, hhmm, no don't say that - teenagers are so sensitive. Well, the female ones, maybe boys are tougher.

Sarah keeps doing these silly things. She stands up and does a sort of dance/pose thing and watches herself in the mirror over the couch. She really enjoys looking at herself. I'll say, "Sarah, I'm right here," when she's talks to me, but looks at herself in the mirror. If I was as cute as she is, I'd probably do the same thing. ;D
At school today a boy cut his knee so bad that I had to call the nurse out to the playground. He was having trouble walking, the cut was on his knee, and his sock was all bloody. He was making a lot of noise and it really drew a crowd. I kept saying, "Back up, please." And he'd cry harder, then they'd come back around, "What's wrong, what's wrong?" I checked on him at the end of my shift and he was still freaked out. I think that he was worried about getting it cleaned, more than anything else.
Yesterday, a little girl was looking like she was sick. When I asked what was wrong, she said, "My daddy was arrested last night." When I saw her today she said, "My daddy was on the news!" and she was excited. Yikes. Whatever he did was big enough to get on the news. Her dad is Logan's stepdad. I've mentioned Logan before, he's my favorite student at the school.
Another little girl, who lives by the first girl, told my friend Tammy (cafeteria lady) that she has not bedroom window and that she woke up with snow on her face during the Christmas break.
Sometimes my kids will complain. They don't know how good they've got it.
I'm going to be giving away some Cuties Mandarin Oranges at Veggie Chic soon. Cuties are so darn good. I will let you know before the giveaway starts - they will be 10 winners.


Anonymous said...

Your students sound like some of my students...Our kids are lucky..Your daughter is beautiful...

Askew To You said...

Thank you. Her boyfriend saw the pictures and wants a re-do. "I'm always squinting," he said. I'm so glad that I'm not the one who pointed it out.

Sometimes a child will really act out and when I speak to the teacher they will share that there's something going on at home. Mom works for a foster family agency and she can't tell me who their clients are, but she said that there are a lot of kids at our school. Even if they have wonderful foster parents, they are still going to be upset about their missing and troubled parents. It sucks.