Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday is for Holiday Gift Guides

Hello. I'm not feeling sorry for myself today, which is a relief.

Today, I worked on sharing the links to the shopping pages that the people that I work with have compiled. (Wow, that was a very awkward sentence). I have 3 blogs at b5media, and I belong to two different channels, so it was a total of 6 link guides. If you are interested in seeing any of them (some are really very cool), then you could find a link from one of my blogs The Scented Life, Veggie Chic, or Dating Dames.

I signed up for a bunch of beauty sites when I got the job at The Scented Life and every day I've got email for free offers or super savings. One of the best is the one they have at Sephora, called Beauty Insiders. They sent me a code for $15 off of a $35 purchase. I've read that other people have used the offer on a smaller than $35 order. Pretty tricky. If you are a fan of beauty products (toys for grown-up girls) then check in with me at The Scented Life. I put new savings up every day lately. Apparently, people shop a lot this time of the year. Go figure............

Time to get moving again. I hope that you've enjoyed your day.


ramblingwoods said...

There are so many more coupons and deals this season than those past. Skinstore has a 20% off coupon and I already used the Sephora one. I love cosmetics, skin care and bath and body stuff. Can you be a collector of it? My new skincare love is Kinerase as it is so hard to find something for my sensitive skin..

Askew To You said...

I would love to be a collector of cosmetics. I get to try out lovely perfumes for my scent blog and it is so much fun. A great treat, that's for sure.

I will check out the Skinstore, thanks.