Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm finding it hard to get to all of my blogs lately. I know that eventually it will all be easy, but for now, I'm still in the learning stage, still figuring out how to budget my time. I end up doing the work-blogs and don't have time for the personal stuff.

I put some new photos in my etsy store at Chase Your Bliss Photography . They were taken either this Summer or in the case of the Lake Almanor photos, in September.
Oh, forgot, I took this one is October, after the sprinklers ran, in the morning. I'm not sure anyone else will enjoy the photos that I've taken, but I like the reflection photos.

Tomorrow is Mom's birthday. I'm going to make her dinner and instead of cake, we are having homemade chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Yum. She came over for a visit today and talked about how worried she is about my Grandma. Then, Grandma called and talked about how worried she is about her relationship with my mom.
There's something about that mother/daughter thing that can be really tricky. I know that they both want to be able to have someone to talk to, but like I explained to my grandma, there are going to be some subjects that they cannot share with each other.

Well, it's time to get Buddy into bed. And I have to make a pathway to my bed, in my room. Right now, Bay's queen sized bed is blocking my doorway. My friend, Leah, and her husband, Kelly, brought her a futon today. We got as far as putting the futon up in her room and pulling the queen out, then her boyfriend arrived. Tomorrow, my brother is going to help me move the queen over to Mom's house, then I'm going to set up my bed on my old tall wooden bed frame.
Darn, sure wish I was in that bed right now. Oh, something exciting.......... tomorrow I am taking family portraits of my brother Brad's family. My first photography job!!!


{i}Post said...

Congrats on your first photo job! The ones you posted today are beautiful. I too like the reflection ones.

Askew To You said...

Thank you! And thank you again. :D I love when people have photos and the clouds are reflected on the side of windowed building. Or the photographer is reflected in a window or someone's sunglasses.