Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bay's Dance

Here are some photos from the night of Bay's big dance. I also snuck Whoobie, our guinea pig in because he's so darn cute.
Here is a shot of her putting on perfume. Do you think she should have worn a shorter skirt? Yikes. That girl has got some great legs. Her dress looks on the taupe side here, but it was a smokey grey color. I tried to warm the photo a bit and it affected the color. Really bad lighting.
There we both are. :D She was straightening her hair and her iron just broke - cracked, fell apart - so Sarah and I jumped in the van and went to borrow her friend Kimm's iron. Phew. Crisis averted. The clock on the wall is the wrong time, but now with daylight savings time, it's correct. Bay and I laughed about that yesterday. It was in her room for months with the wrong time and when she finally hung it on the wall again, I never got around to changing it. Silly me.

Here she is head to toe. It looks like the goldfish is checking out her legs, as well. Apparently she was having some sort of undergarment issue.

This shot shows the detail on the dress a little better. The beds are a sort of metallic-y blue, taupe, purple, brown, grey mixture. Pretty. She had a good time at the dance and now has a great dress to wear for New Years!

I will be back later after I vote. Good Tuesday to you!


Leah said...

ah, Bay...so pretty...and shimmery (the dress)! :)

Askew To You said...

That dress was so cute. And cheap!! Only $25. Bay is such a beautiful girl.

Homemom3 said...

love the dress and she looks great.