Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted!

I voted!

My daughter, Bay, took this photo of me when I was done. I asked, but I was not allowed to take photos inside the polling place. I can understand why, although I wasn't given an answer why, but I would have liked to show you what it looks like inside The Neighborhood Church, which is the place where I have voted for years. Here is a close-ish photo of the front. There was this smell of rotten fruit just before you walked in the door. I do not know what it was, but it smelled awful.

Here's a wider shot. It looks like half of a golden golfball. Very 1970s looking. It reminds me of this theater that I used to visit when I lived in Orange, CA, back in the early 80s. It has since been torn down, but it was this cool domed building.
I made sure that the kids could see my "I voted" sticker. They were so excited about the election this year - something that I hadn't noticed when we voted last time. They wanted to know who I voted for and unlike one of the teachers who I heard snap, "None of your business!" I told them that I voted for Obama.
I also voted in support of gay marriage, to allow farm animals humane conditions, and to allow pregnant teens the right to abortion without parental permission. I voted for other things, too, but these were most important to me.
I love to vote.


CrystalChick said...

Hello! Visiting from Dianne's page. Great pic after you voted! I didn't get any pictures, thinking
it would have been a no-no as a worker saw the little Obama button on my jacket and turned the collar down so it couldn't be seen. She said things couldn't be displayed inside the voting place. Oops.

maryt/theteach said...

Hey, they gave you a sticker! You Lucky stiff! I just took pictures I didn't ask! Never thought to. :)

{i}Post said...

I got the same sticker! Although I would have voted quite differently than you on those issues, I love the fact that we can agree to disagree in America. Isn't it a grand place to live where we get to vote on issues such as these?

Askew To You said...

I agree that it is good that are free to disagree. Sometimes people get very angry with each other over canidates and issues, but what we believe is important to US and maybe means something entirely different to someone else. I cannot, however find any way to understand the fear people have about gay marriage.

I wish I had taken the pictures. I have this fear of someone grabbing my camera out of my hand and something happening to it. I would not be able to replace it.

I noticed that a lot of kids were wearing their parents "I voted" stickers. :D