Monday, November 24, 2008

Protecting Our Children

This evening, I found this in my email - Protecting My Child’s Innocence « MrsG’s Other Life . Mrs G is a fellow b5media blogger, living in New Zealand, and today her daughter was a victim of some disturbing racism. She is hoping that by reading about her family experience, people will stop and think about the way they act in front of children. Careless words can turn into something bitter and ugly in time.

Please read what she has to say and really think about it. Words can hurt. In my own family, we have some phrases that we are sensitive about, because of my boy Max. People throw around words like "retard" without any thought. I see my girls flinch when this happens.

It's been awhile since we had to deal with much in the way of prejudice, but I can remember a time like the day three boys (a friend of a friend's children) were standing in front of Max, making fun of his teeth. He had a problem with gum over-growth from one of his anti-seizure medications and it made his gums look huge - you couldn't see his teeth.
I was horrified and really, really pissed when I noticed what they were doing. I can remember smiling and then just.....freezing. We were trying to enjoy our town's annual Kite Day Celebration. The thoughtlessness of those young boys changed everything - turned something fun into something heart breaking.
It's silly and not the fault of the kites, of course, but I've never taken my kids back. We fly out kites out by on the grass by our apartment.


MrsG said...

HI Michelle.

Thank you so much for sharing our story. I think it is only now that the shock has worn off.

Yes I am angry but I am also sad. Sad that these things still happen.

I'm also sorry to hear about what's happened to your son, Max. As a mum, I can understand the heartache you go through each time someone makes fun of him.

C xoxo

Leah said...

Heart breaking...
I hate that the world is still so full of that "you don't belong here" attitude. I'm so sad that that sweet girl had to experience something so ugly. I know kids can be mean, but this is SO crossing the line.

{i}Post said...

So sad. It makes the mommy lion in my rage when people treat other people with such disrespect as humans. Off to read Mrs. G's story!

Rambling Woods said...

And it starts at home for good or bad...Thank you for sharing the web site...

Dianne said...

it does start at home! parents need to be so much more aware of what they say and do in front of their children

that photo of the 2 of you is very lovely

Askew To You said...

Mrs G, I'm so very sorry about your daughter. What a horrible experience for her to have to endure.

Thanks everybody, for reading this post. I hope that you had a chance to take a look at Mrs G's story. Something like racism or prejudice, it's one of those things that should not be left in the dark, in secret. Shine a little light on the problem, let it be known, that hey, this is NOT okay.

I always think of that bumper sticker that says, "Be the person your dog believes you to be."