Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Head Is In the Clouds

I haven't updated in a couple of days. I have been so busy, just trying to catch up.

I started a new writing job this week and my boyfriend came down for a visit. I expected him Wednesday or Thursday, but got a text from him when he was an hour away on Tuesday. Yikes. You would not believe how quickly I cleaned my house.

My new job is at The Scented Life and so far it is a lot of fun. Tonight I put up a post with a link to a great rebate from Olay beauty products - buy $50 and get $20 back in a rebate. Pretty cool.
Things with my boyfriend are going pretty well, but they always go well when he is here. It's when he's gone that we've got trouble. He called me - last Friday - I think, and he wanted to come down for a visit. I had not heard from him in a long time. In fact, the night before, I had decided that it was time to move on. Now I'm not sure. I care a lot about him, but he makes me sad and I don't need more sad in my life. I treat people well and I do not thing that being well is too much to ask of the man who loves me.

Here is Sarah enjoying the clouds. These were taken a few days ago. I wish I had a lens that could really capture them. They were absolutely breath-taking. Sarah asked me what I wrote about about Dating Dames. She said, "I have some advice for guys who are dating." Then, she gave me some great advice for our readers. She is very wise. If you'd like to read it, it's here.


Leah said...

You did get some good cloud shots! They really have been so beautiful lately.

{i}Post said...

Pretty shots. And yes, being treated kindly is NOT too much to ask. It is the minimal amount to ask. Keep that in mind.

Rambling Woods said...

Good grief..You are busy..who has time for blogs with all you are doing. Your photos are amazing..I love the scent you reviewed at your other site...busy..busy you are..