Monday, November 17, 2008

Ruby Tuesday - Christmas in November

Here are some more photos from my portrait session with the Yorks. Ruby Tuesday is hosted by Mary, The Teach at her blog, Work of the Poet .

This first one, well it's not red, but it is pretty impressive. Today, I was showing the photos to Mom and she told me that her parents told her, "Don't wiggle it," because they were afraid it would fall out before the photos. That cracks me up!
Shawna had some Christmas decorations for us to use as props. The kids loved them, although Hayden was not a fan of laying down here. Crying baby photos are so cute.

I got this one, the only one without him crying in the lay down position, just in time. They are so darn pretty. I love these kids. I hope that Shawna and Brad like the photos.

The boys liked tasting these balls. Don't worry, they are not glass. We watched them very close.

I got to start Veggie Chic today. WooHoo!! Only a "hello" and some background on my previous writing, but.....well, it will get better.
Happy Ruby Tuesday!!!


Dora said...

Cute little ones. They're enjoying themselves!

Rambling Woods said...

Those are such beautiful children. I am trying to remember if I have one smiling baby photo of my daughter because as I recall, she cried every time I took her to have her photos done. Then there was the time she managed to cut off all the hair in the front of her head with safety scissors when she was 4..That looked awful for a long time...
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{i}Post said...

You just gave me a heart attack seeing everyone dressed for Christmas! Ahhhh! Time, I need time!

Dianne said...

I love these photos, great work!!

Beautiful kids :)

I have a little gift for you over at the 'forks' blog :)

Catherine said...

I love the first and the last. They seem to be taken unexpectedly.
Ashlee gets that kind of mischievous expression on her face!
I love it.
Red Christmas decorations are just to make them wait until the Great moment, no?

~Just Me~ said...

Oh my, gorgeous shots! I once had a big box gift wrapped and had my kids popping out of them. It was cute too.

Raven said...

Wonderful photos - the ones in the post below too. I'd say your first official portrait session was a success.

Carletta said...

These are great photos!
The ones in your previous post are as well. I think you got some excellent shots.

Askew To You said...

I'm sorry that I startled you guys with the Christmas themed photo s.:D I was taking the photos for their Christmas card, too.

They are cute and Ashlee does have a devilish side. She is so adorable. I have more photos on here of her - some where she's dancing or hanging upside on the bars at the park.

I'm off to check out all the Ruby Tuesday-ness now. And my surprise over at Forks. Very excited.

Thank you for all the encouragement everybody. I think starting with family really took a lot of the pressure off.

Anonymous said...

I love all these pictures!! Wonderful captures of their happy expressions :)