Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend in the Mountains

This weekend, the kids and I drove up to Lake Almanor with my good friend, Leah. We stayed the night with another good friend, Jackie, and her son Wyatt. We had a wonderful time talking and laughing and relaxing and eating.

Jackie lives in a beautiful area. This is the view off of her back deck. There are huge trees all around her and it was so quiet. The first day, there were about 4 cars that went by on the road. The second day, only 2. Sarah loved Jackie's dog, Ally. She was so sweet. Sarah loves dogs. At one point, Sarah was laying beside Ally and Ally put her paw up on Sarah. Like a hug or something. I tried to get a picture of it, but she moved when I walked over to her.
Jackie drove Leah and me down to the boat launch area. There were beautiful views in every direction. The sky seemed bluer and the clouds were fluffier. Leah said it was because we were closer to the sky, up there in the mountains. Sounds believeable to me. :D
Then, we drove out to the pennisula. This was taken from the west side of the pennisula. I don't know if they have these plants, or weeds if you want to call them that, all over the country, but they are something that I always associate with Northern California. When I was a kid, we lived in Orange County, in Southern California. So much of it was developed and I didn't see plants like star thistle (ick) or wildflowers or manzanita.
Here's another shoot of the boat ramp area. Doesn't that water look cold? Leah and I were so relieved to be in cooler temperatures. When we got home, I walked her to the door and she said, "Feel that?" and there it was, the heat again.
It was so lovely to visit with good friends. My kids had a blast and we all enjoyed Jackie's son, Wyatt. That kid, he is hilarious and also very sweet. I asked him if he could shoot some baskets with Sarah because she wants to play basketball with the parks and recreation district and he took her down to his hoop. He did this funny Urkel imitation and Leah taped it. I wonder if I can find out how to post it here.........hhmmm, I'll ask Leah.


Homemom3 said...

oh these are such beautiful pictures. Hey, I should have a computer (loaner) tomorrow. Hope to catch ya tomorrow night.

Heather said...

Beautiful pictures!

Leah said...

i'll try to remember to email the video to you so you can have it to post. :)

Askew To You said...

Thank you! It was beautiful up there! Leah, thanks, I would love to post it. So funny!