Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ruby Tuesday - Ruby Sarah

Well, it's Ruby Tuesday time again. For more Ruby Tuesday participants, there's a whole list over at the Teach's site www.workofthepoet.blogspot.com

I'm going with the little bit of red theme here. Can you see Sarah in this photo below? She has a red shirt on. This was taken today at the school Sarah attends and where I work. I did some ttv photos today, after reading a post at www.shuttersisters.com
Here's Sarah again. She's swinging her purse on the bike path. She is so darn cute.
Sarah is again at our school here. Check out that tree. It looks so Fall-like, but the temperature was in the 90s today.


Pea in a Pod said...

I really like that last photo! Very nice angle and view:) She is adorable!Mine is posted HERE. Happy RT!~

Dianne said...

she is a cutie

90 and leaves turning! odd isn't it

Terry said...

Dear Askew...Thank you for visiting my blog.
When I first clicked on to you name, I picked your cooking blog and of boy, what good recipes!
I love Miracle Whip and will buy nothing else!
I will have to look over your recipes.
Right now I am trying to think of something to cook for Betty that is low fat.
She will be off of her feet a few more months I think after her heart operation.
Your pictures of Sarah are so cute and innocent.
Sarah...her name means Princess. Felisol has a princess too and her name is Serina.
Our leaves in Southern Ontario are just beginning to turn. I will have to get Bernie to take me for a ride into the country in our little red car and gets some nice pictures. The country roads sides are just full of color these days. Purple clovers, yellow golden rods,and sumac bushes, turning red, mixed amongst all of the shades of the autumn leaves!
Thanks again for coming to see me.
I love your pictures and it is always so much better when there is a little person in them!!!Love Terry

PS Your strawberries were nice too on your July Ruby Tuesday

MyMaracas said...

Yes indeed, she is a cutie!

I've never heard of ttv photography, but I've skimmed the post at your link, and I have GOT to try it. The effect you captured there is wonderful. Thanks for showing us!

Thanks for stopping by at mine, too, and for your kind comment.

Askew To You said...

Thanks for the comments today. :D Sarah is a great kid, I love being her mom.

I enjoy Ruby Tuesday - it's fun to get a peek into the lives of people all over the world.

Vicki, I'm very excited that you are going to try ttv. It's fun. If you use Flickr, they have some groups over there. I'm going back to your blog to leave a comment that will lead you to directions for making the ttv box. For anyone interseted, you can find it here

MyMaracas said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for leaving that ttv link! I love to learn new things. Your photos are lovely, and I've saved your blogs to my favorites. Hope to see you back at Maraca!

Grandma Faith said...

Sweet Sarah in red. Take care.

Norm said...

yes! I see she's beautiful..

maz said...

LOVE the Ttv! What kind of camera do you use? I've got a bid on a Kodak Duraflex on eBay and can't wait to try it out! Thanks for commenting on my blog:)