Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Sleepover

My daughter, Bailey, has changed a lot over this Summer. She's grown taller and slimmer and her confidence has soared. She's become very social - lots of fun times out with her friends, less time sitting in her room.

She and I, we find each other's company challenging, at times. She's doing what she's supposed to do at this point - she's driving me crazy so that I will be able to let her go someday. I get that, but getting it and surviving it are two very different things. I need to take some new photos of her. She's with her cousin, Chance, above. I'm going to see if I can get Bay and her friend, Kimm, to sit for me. I want to do some examples of Senior photos. I know that it's probably too late for that this year, but I want to have some seasonal examples for a portfolio. Next year I hope to be very busy with that sort of thing.

Anyway, back to Bay........ She and I had a sleepover last night. It was so fun!! Sarah was out of town - a Girl Scout Sleepover at a water park in Redding, CA - and we drug her mattress out to the living room, watched movies, ate Taco Bell and brownies, and got silly with YouTube. Did you know that much of YouTube is baby farts? Well, it is and baby farts, much like boys screaming like girls, always funny. Either that, or I'm very easily amused........ Okay, it's probably that.

Bay told me that she liked having me to herself. Who knew? I'm feeling very peaceful tonight. :D


Yen said...

Fun day! Adorable children you have! Nice red photo:)Mine is posted HERE! Drop by if you get a chance;)

Askew To You said...

Thank you, Yen. :D I enjoyed your red candles, too.