Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Tadpole Whisperers

This morning, the air was much clearer, so I sent Max to Summer school and I took Karlee and Sarah to the creek. They brought some buckets and a net and got to work..... they were on a tadpole hunt.
They loaded their catch into these buckets - small buckets. The purple bucket tadpoles were calm, but the white bucket guys, they kept trying to jump out.
I spent my time floating, watching the girls, listening to Sarah try to talk Karlee into swimming over to the Big Rock. The Big Rock can be kind of creepy. It's deeper water (about chest-high) and the fish like to hang out there.

Eventually, it was time to go. The girls wanted to keep those tadpoles, but they knew they had to let them go - they belonged in the creek.
Sarah went out for one last run, while Karlee said goodbye. Karlee is good at catching things, tadpoles, lizards - it's her special talent.
Karlee dumped her bucket, then it was Sarah's turn...... bye tadpoles! Thanks for the fun!


Homemom3 said...

mine love hanging with the tadpoles. Where's your WW?

Here's one of mine: http://www.babylune.com/wordless-wednesday-2/

Askew To You said...

I think I'm skipping WW this time - I was pretty wordy there. I'll go look at yours now.