Sunday, July 13, 2008

Peaceful, Easy, Weekend

My weekend has really been good. No big events, just a general calm, which I greatly appreciate.

This morning was not very smokey, so I got out on the patio before the heat hit. I cleaned my litle fountain a bit, added some new rocks, and ran it for the hour plus it took me to cut back and feed my plants. Most of my petunias are a bit spent, so I cut them back. This pot is the exception. I've never grown this particular color before, but I definitely will again.
I found a praying mantis when I was cutting back dried pieces on my little patio tree. Here he is upside down. I climbed the stairs to the little landing that is barely visible in this photo and took some from overhead, as well. It was interesting to see a different view of my patio. It reminded me to take the time to try to present things in a fresh way.
I found this little bee, next to the same tree, on a red canna. Bees are tough, they are always moving and I have a hard time getting them in focus.
Duncan brought this dragonfly by to show me last night. This is the second one he's brought by. Apparently I am now the Dragonfly Lady. I can live with that. Steve explained the lifecycle of the dragonfly to me last Summer. I was so surprised - they begin life as something that lives underwater. Did you know that?
Just in case you are interested, I shared a quick stir-in type pasta recipe over at my cooking blog today. It's simple and you can adapt it in a variety of ways. I like pasta on hot days, because it's quick and doesn't heat up my kitchen too much. If you'd like to see it, it's at

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