Friday, July 11, 2008


I haven't taken many pictures lately. I would love to get a lense that would allow me to take really close-up pictures of things like spiders or bees or dragonflies. Until that time, this is about the best that I could do. The little bits of white, they are ash stuck on his web. I'm finding it hard to think of interesting things to write about. This Summer kind of sucks. We are stuck inside so much of the time because of the smoke. I feel for the families who are REALLY affected by the fires - those who've been evacuated, those who've lost their homes. I feel guilty that I complain about the annoyance of the smoke, when they are dealing with the actual struggle of the fire. Sarah and I are going to go through our clothes today and find some to donate. She's grown so much, she has quite a bit - I'm already working on a box. Okay, now my publish post box is messing with me - won't allow me to make new paragraphs, which is what I wanted to do with the sentence that starts, "Sarah and I .........." I'm going now. I hope I think of something of some sort of interest to share later.


Tink *~*~* said...

The "annoyance of the smoke" is valid. I live in Southwest Florida. During the winter months, we have no rain at all, and wildfires break out frequently. The smoke CAN be annoying, and it can be a scary reminder that the fire is out there waiting to gobble up things that are dry and flammable. And if it gets even moderately thick, it causes respiratory issues and eye issues - no fun! While I agree that there are degrees to which people are affected, the affect it is having on you is NOT illegitimate. Here's to hoping the fires end SOON.

Tink *~*~*
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Askew To You said...

Thanks, Tink. :D