Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Creek-y Morning

Sarah and I had a creek morning - just the two of us. Yes, that's Casey in the picture, but unfortunately, he was home in Bakersfield - not at our creek. I just prefer to use a picture with him in it. :D Sarah noticed that it looked very different. I explained to her that it will change daily, depending on the water level and the weather. We didn't see very many polliwogs - last week there were hundreds. We did see a couple of large trout. One kept jumping up and when he broke the surface, we'd turn quickly to try to see him. I never caught him, but Sarah did. The dragonflies landed on me - I like to see them up close.
It was eerie outside today. The light was very orange and there was ash floating down. I like floating on a raft in the creek and when I was on my back, I could see it landing on my legs, my chest, my belly. It was creepy. And sad. Our beautiful California is burning all over the place.

People who have never been here think that California is all like LA, but it's not. There's desert and mountains and incredible coastline. I live up at the top of the Sacramento Valley and let me tell you, there are parts of this valley that are not beautiful, but my town is surrounded by orchards and foothills. There's a park that runs up through town, into the hills - that's the park that I always talk about. Anyway, my point is that it looks nothing like the California where the stars live - the sky is usually blue and clear. This latest fire, I hear that it's in Paradise/Magalia area. A lot of people who live up there are retired. Steve's dad lives there.

Bay's out here now. She is sick and somehow thinks that using the computer will help. I need to go outside and see if I can photograph something for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday. Good evening to you.

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Homemom3 said...

beautiful pictures as always. You can tell she's observant if she is noticing the difference, that's great, some are too busy to notice. I feel for California right now, I may say I hate it at times but it will always have a place in my heart. I'm doing WW tomorrow but will have to wait to take a pic of bella's cast. yep she got hurt.