Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday Stuff on Friday

I missed Love Thursday yesterday. Here's my "found" heart. I took this in the lobby area of the dentist office, while Bay was getting her teeth cleaned.

Bay's dentist office has some great magazines - I'm all caught up on People and Food & Wine - but I was tired of sitting, so I walked outside. The Lavendar bushes were buzzing with bees. I tried to catch some with my camera. Very busy bushes - if you look close, you can see two below. This is the reason that I didn't post yesterday - Steve and Owen arrived. Owen was shy for about 5 minutes. He is sweet and smart and funny and super tough. He hits things with his head. I'm serious. When he wants something - juice, to go outside, to see the Guinea Pig - he takes your hand and leads you there. He doesn't have a whole lot of words yet, but when Bay walked into the room last night, he said, "Hi, Bay!" It was so clear. Boys love that Bay.
Tonight, Bay is going to a party with her friend who graduated last night. I'm nervous about it. I've repeated, "Call me if you need a ride. Please don't ride with someone who is drinking," so many times that she finally grew disgusted with me. She said that there will be no drinking. It's so hard to let go with some of these things.

I better go, my tomatoes smell done. I'm roasting some for pizza tonight. Yum.


Homemom3 said...

how did the party go? I understand that fear.

Askew To You said...

It went well, apparently. She came home and everything was fine. It's so hard letting go and letting her be independent.

How are you? Are you still ill?