Monday, June 16, 2008

The Big Kids Have Summer School

Today was the first day of Summer school for the big kids. I waited until 10am for Sarah to wake up. Finally, I wrote "bike bbl" on a scrap of paper and I left. I saw a lot of interesting sights on my ride through the park.

*Some beautiful shirtless boys running - lovely, but really wasted on the ladies my age. Where are all the young girls?

*Three grandmas picking their way carefully across the dirt path in their in-line skates.

*A bald head, sliding gracefully through the water at the creek pool at One Mile.

*A little pink bike, leaning against a bench with no one around. I hope it was not forgotten.

When I got home, Sarah was awake. We picked up so lunch and went to the creek for a few minutes. I forgot my camera - these are photos from last year.

There's a spot where a tree went down - it's been that way for years, but when we arrived today, I noticed that there are now 3 trees laying in the water. That's going to make floating a little tricker. I imagine the fish like it.

Boys were loudly hunting for polliwogs. Their voices really carry over the water. If you go earlier in the day, it's much quieter.
Sarah and I walked down to the dam (it's barely visible at the left of this picture, toward the middle). Looking down we saw the biggest polliwogs I've ever seen. Sarah was worried because they weren't moving. They were resting.
Tomorrow we are going back with our rafts. The water is cold, but we're tough. There's nothing like floating in the creek - total relaxation. I need that before the big kids come home from Summer school. Teenagers.

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