Saturday, June 28, 2008


I worked on my patio today. My flowers seem to have enjoyed the smoke. I know it sounds odd, but there was an inversion layer that kept the weather from getting as hot as it normally would be this year. Today was warmer and a bit breezy. It cleared some of the smoky smell, but I doubt it was helpful to the firefighters. When I checked earlier today, a nearby fire was 15% contained. Every morning, that's the first thing I do - boot up the computer, check the local news.

I spoke with my sister and she and Mom drove through Yreka - the town we used to live in. I moved to Chico from Yreka 15 years ago, next month. I've lived here longer than I've ever lived anywhere else for this long of a span of years, but I still think of Yreka as "home." I've always wanted to move back. It's a really beautiful part of the state, up in the mountains, with views of Mt. Shasta.

Mom and Robin are spending the night in Eugene, Oregon, with Rob's in-laws. Years ago, in 1987, Robin was a recent high school graduate and we drove her graduation gift-Camaro up to my dad's house in Spokane. Along the way, we stopped in Eugene and ate Chinese food for lunch. To me Eugene has always meant Chinese food and a funny boy's name in movies. I think most people think of it as the home of the Oregon Ducks.

I'm sorry, this is not a very interesting post. I'm trying, but I'm really pretty boring right now. My heart is just not into........ well anything. I'll try to come up with something better tomorrow. I'm hopeful that the air will be clear enough for me to get a ride in. That will help. I need some exercise.

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Verna said...

Your posts are always interesting!
And your pix are always spectacular! I need to start using my camera more... just have to figure out what all those settings do!