Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creek and Kitty

Today was a creek day! Sarah and I floated for a couple of hours while the big kids were in Summer school. How lucky were we? She held onto my foot or my raft and I steered - there wasn't much current. We saw some fish and lots of rocks. I took my camera, which thrilled Sarah. Okay, I'm kidding. She is very tired of the camera. I don't need her to pose, just BE and I'll catch what I can.
She wanted to play Truth or Dare. I picked truth twice and she asked me super easy questions. I don't think she gets the game exactly. I gave her two dares. One was to touch a slimy stick that we passed while floating and the second was to put her face in the water. She would only put her face in the water with the mask on. I said, hey that's not hard, but I let her get away with it. She squatted down and dipped her face in. Pretty funny.
She's a great sport.
After we got home, Taylor and Alana brought this little kitten over to meet us. They found it where Alana's mom works - he's a homeless guy. They called him Creamsicle and I came so close to keeping him. He was soft and fuzzy. I resisted. No I am not heartless. I want a kitty, but I want a house first. He was a cutie.


Homemom3 said...

looks like a fun day with your youngest. :) Glad the two of you had fun. I remember playing truth or dare all the time as a kid. As for the kitty we've come close to get a puppy a few times but I think if BabyGirl ever saw a kitten at the store daddy wouldn't be able to say no.

Askew To You said...

It was a great day. She's a good pal. She's going to be going down to Robin's house soon, gone for about 10 days. Oh man, I will miss her so much!! This will be our first time apart.

Verna said...

That looks like fun!

What a great spot!

So, what happened to the kitty?

Askew To You said...

As far as I can tell, she's still got the kitty. Her scratched her arms all up. Ouch.