Monday, June 2, 2008

Mundane Monday

Nothing much to report today. It was A Day.

Sarah had a Girl Scout meeting. They were checking in their gear for June Jamboree - that's camp. When I picked up my camera, she started fussing. I think she is tired of me sticking it in her face.
School looks very different at the end of the day. It almost feels like the buildings are "resting." After I picked up Sarah, we drove over to.......................
Taco Bell and picked up a really healthy dinner. Okay, I'm lying. It wasn't a very healthy dinner, but it's not like we eat it all the time and it was yummy.
Now that my belly is full of beans and tortillas, I feel like doing this...................
......... taking a nap with Max. Doesn't he look comfortable? He loves his spot under the window. I sure love that kid.

That is all. Maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow.

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Homemom3 said...

Mondays are normally a drag, but ours went by quickly. Course having the discussions that went on in my house you'd understand. Umm TB sounds good right now. Had a starbucks yesterday and am thinking of pizza for Friday, shhhh don't tell the family yet, it'll be a surprise. Max does look like he enjoys that spot.