Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boy Crazy To the End

My weekend trip has been postponed until next weekend. I'm disappointed, but trying to look on the bright side. For example, that means I have one more week of exercise before I see my friend. (I somehow lost 3 more lbs while my family was here for the reunion. How did I do that??).  And we are both kind of broke this week. Also, I have friends arriving from out of town on the day that I was set to return.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm really disappointed.

He asked for a  photo of Robin and me this weekend and then sent us one back. It was a photo from when he was a kid. He was a cute kid, but I told him that I like the man-version better. Another friend, she said she preferred the 15 year old version. What the heck?? Why?... Anyway, Leah explained the appeal of a man over a boy last night. She cited "scruff," graying hair,  and overall manliness as the main reasons. I am in complete agreement. I like men ripe and full and a little gray (or a lot) and that scruff, it doesn't get much better than that. I'd make a very poor cougar since I have no interest in a man who is younger than 37.

Does it seem like I talk about men a lot on here? My sister mentioned that I've always been that way. I blame my mom. I guess I've just followed her lead from the beginning. Boy-crazy until the end.

And tired. I haven't run yet today. I usually run at 10am, while a rerun of Supernatural on the TV (again with the boy crazy - I have a big crush on the Dean character), but I was with Bay at the Dr at that time today. I have the hardest time sleeping at night lately. I feel like my mind is racing with thoughts. Weird feeling. Perhaps too much caffeine?

I think I'll work on that run now. Happy day to you!

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