Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bliss at the Beach

How is your Summer going so far? Lots of fun around here. Max started Summer school, the weather has warmed up a bit, although still oddly cool for this time of year.

My sister's kids have been visiting this week. We are at the tale end of their visit - my sister arrives tomorrow and they are heading home at 5am on Sunday.

While they were here we did some really fun things - creek floating (my favorite), a visit to the National Yoyo Museum, a visit to the Bee and Honey exhibit at the local Chico Museum (not sure official name), a picnic at Wildwood Park, a walk through the California State University Chico campus, and lots and lots of time at the pool. Tonight the kids went with Grandma and Aunt Shawna to the Observatory.

When the kids are here, I usually get to see my brother's kids, too. The other day, I sat at the creek, surrounded by little people that I love. It was truly a moment of bliss. :)

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