Monday, April 6, 2009

A Quick Update

I have found that my world changes in leaps and jumps. It goes along and no big deal, then all of a sudden something huge (for me) will happen. I try to keep things fairly boring, because, well I feel comfortable that way. I like peace and a certain amount of order.

Sometimes, well sometimes I jump. An example? Here's an extreme case - I married my ex-husband onthe 5th day that I knew him. Crazy, don't you think? This new thing is not as crazy, but it does involve a new man. I've got a new boyfriend. And he's a good one. In fact I talked about him not very long ago, right here. He is sweet and funny and nice and I've never met anyone who didn't love him.

Max and I have been other-kid-less since Friday morning, when everyone else left for Pismo. I hear that they are having fun and I hope to join them next time.

Kitty is missing the kids and she follows me all over the house. Her meow is loud and dramatic and very oh-poor-me! as she darts up and down the hallway. I'm not sure if she's confused or waiting for them. Today, I tripped over her as I carried Max from the bath. Now that sucked. For all of us.

Okay, all of a sudden I'm really tired and have nothing of interest to write. Darn. How did the end of the day sneak up so suddenly? It does have a habit of doing that.



Anonymous said...

It's great that you are dating a nice guy as I think they are hard to find....Michelle

Trisha said...

Steve is back or is this someone new??

If your happy I'm happy!! ;)

Homemom3 said...

nope this is a new one and one she seems to really like and know from her past. Am I right? I'm so happy for you.

Trisha said...

Thanks HomeMom....GREAT news, good for her, she sooooo deserves something GREAT!!

momemojo said...

God, I wanted to hate you for breaking up my family in July of 2007. He swore he only saw you a couple of times and that it was nothing, really. He has made so many promises for so many years now. Of course I am nearly as oc as he says. I've read your blogs (and stalked your My Space)- isn't that what the scorned woman is supposed to do? Steve is the second man I have loved, the first is my daughters father. He has severe Epilepsy, and unfortunately the high dosage of medication he takes makes him emotionally and physically abusive. When I was 23 I was strong enough to decide that I deserved better for myself and my beatiful child. Steve and I met and began dating in February of 2003, Emma was 2 and Madison almost. I was drawn to the way he spoke of his daughter. We have lived together and I have supported him through his trials except for two brief separations, from July of 2007 (when I found out about "that bitch" Michelle- please forgive me, I had no idea) until November of 2007 and then again June until December of 2008. He said I was the only one he ever loved, of course- and that of course there was nobody else, ever. I'm sure you heard as many horrible things about me as I did about Jill. She's not all that bad, either, except for how much she hates Steve. I am sorry for doing this to you, but I want you to know that I think you are very lucky, to get off with only a year, and that I hope I can be that strong. I wonder how many more there are/were. Who he is seeing now as he wakes up in my house, with me paying the rent/bills, even daycare and food for his children to come and see him since he is not working. I feel very pathetic and like the least strong of the strong women I have ever respected. I am glad my son got to meet a woman like you, I have always worked closely with handicapped children and adults, have read up on Max's condition and admire you immensely. I guess in everything at least Steve has great taste. It is too bad that you and I don't, I sincerely hope that this message does not ruin your day or hurt you, I have no network of friends or personal group, I am a single mother of my 8 year old and son Owen, whom you have met, I've been thinking of your blog and considered that sharing my thoughts may help. I aplogize again for intruding. God Bless you, and I'm sorry you got wrapped up in Steve.

Askew To You said...

I didn't know all these comments were here. Especially not the one from momemojo.

I do have a new man. He is wonderful.

It's not Steve. I found, as you can tell from the comment here, that I was mislead about the entire situation. I feel stupid, but I also know that trusting a person that I care about is the only way that I know how to be.

I think Owen is wonderful - so smart and curious and funny. My girls feel sad that they will not get to spend time with him again. He is a real charmer. :)

Max is a cool kid. I think you'd like him if you met him. He's quiet and sleeps a lot.

I feel sick to my stomach about this. I'm so sorry that you were hurt. I don't feel sad about him anymore - I'm over what happened with him except for the worry about you. You deserve someone great. You really, really do.

You are not pathetic. You are doing what you feel you have to do to help out someone you care for. He is the father of your child. You are not wrong. He is. You are strong, because you do for the kids. No matter what happens, you keep on being the good mom and that is HUGE to those kids. They will always know that they have you, that they can count on you. Please take good care of yourself. Please contact me anytime. I won't judge your decisions. I promise.

j said...

I just want to say to both you girls that you are awesome women. I only know one of your personally but I was in a similar situation. When I finally connected with my ex's girlfriend I was so blown away that I could have been so blind. She actually dumped him and is now married to a wonderful man and I am happy to report that she is one of my very close friends. We always say--at least something wonderful came out of all the pain that main caused us! Are friendship! You two both deserve someone who is loyal to you and not playing two women at one time. I know Michelle that you have found that. I also understand that a mom will do anything for her children. Good luck and maybe he will pull his head out of his butt.