Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Things That I Remember

I was talking to an old friend tonight. He told me that he had a crush on me back in high school. He said that he liked "my attitude." I can remember moving a lot in high school. So much of it was almost physically painful for me, being shy, feeling that I did not fit anywhere. Apparently, I was good at hiding this.

When I try to picture it, me walking the halls, this boy seeing me the way he did.... Well, it would have been nice knowing that at the time. Not easy for kids to share feelings like that though. It was nice to hear it today. He gave me a compliment the other day, said he liked my picture on Facebook. It was nice to hear that, too. I've felt invisible for awhile.

I really enjoy talking to old friends. I love the shared history, going through the list of memories, Hey, I don't remember that? Do you remember this?? We all hold onto different things. So many of my memories are tied to a boy.

There's a whole lot that I let go of, just can't recall, and I think it's because of other crap that was going on at the time. Things were challenging when I was a kid and even when they were quiet, I did my best to screw them up on my own.

I wonder what my kids are going to hold onto? I bet it will be things like camping at the beach. I know they both tell funny Uncle Matt stories - Bay is partial to his "My Humps" performance. Maybe some creek stories will be in there....... I know they are going to have lots of Kitty memories. She's a funny girl.

Okay, I'm off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Oh high school..not my favorite memories..but it is interesting asking my daughter was she remembers and I am surprised by some of her answers...

Askew To You said...

My daughter has changed schools so much. Today she stayed home and we took Kitty to the vet. She has been so blue lately - Bay, not Kitty. She said, I wish I could stay home with you everyday. I enjoyed being with her, as well, but I got NO work done.