Monday, April 13, 2009

Showing Mark the Park

I had the best weekend. My pal, Jackie, brought her kids over and they spent the night. We sat out on the patio, around a fire, and talked and talked. The kids played video games and got goofy. It was so relaxing.

The next night I stayed up all night talking to my new boyfriend on the phone. Again, we talked and talked. I figure we've put a couple of months worth of talking in just a week and a half. He's got a lot of ideas and I look forward to hearing him examine each and every one. :)

This one is of Bay and I took it when I was walking up from the creek. It's so beautiful here. The trees curve above and it feels like you are in a .... basket? a tent? It feels pretty and it feels protected, like the trees are embracing you.

These photos of the park are here for him. Well, I want to show them for Nature's Notes, but I picked this spot in particular to show to Mark. That's his name. Mark. That's the creek, back there. I'm facing the opposite direction now and just a little to the West of the first photo. In the past few weeks, the trees have filled out, so it's probably even more green now.
Tomorrow is the first day back to school. I have loved every single day of sleeping in. I will be sad when my alarm goes off and it's still dark out tomorrow morning.
I had such plans for the vacation time. I was going to organize and clear out and finally get things back in order. Instead, I wandered around, my head in the clouds. I cannot say that I hated it, because I so did not. I think I deserve a bit of head in the clouds time and I will savor every single second of it.


♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

That is a pretty spot. We are way behind you in the leaf department. Just buds here. *sigh*

SarahHub said...

I think you did the perfect thing on your break - walking with your head in the clouds is a much better break than organizing! Glad you had such a nice time!

Askew To You said...

It was a nice break. It was nuts getting back into the swing of school mornings, though. Wow. One daughter almost missed the bus!!!