Thursday, April 2, 2009

Field Trip With Bailey

Bay gets a few minimum days a semester. We've started a tradition - if you can call two times a tradition - of grabbing the cameras and taking photos at the park. I'm mentioned before that Bay has a great eye. We will shoot the same subjects and come up with totally different shots. I wish I had a touch more of her creativity.
We get along so well when we are out there together. We share the two cameras - a Nikon D40 and a Canon Rebel - switching out our memory cards. She prefers the Canon and I am trying to love it, but I think that using the Nikon first, learning on it, has marked me as a Nikon lover. I do not love that Canon.
I dream of a fanicer Nikon......... or maybe I just have developed a taste for cameras the same way that many women have a taste for shoes. I mean, I want old cameras, too, not just expensive cameras. I love to hunt for them in second hand shops. I love to imagine what they must have shot in the past. I love the way my Duraflex looks - I'd love to try to shoot with it as a camera-camera and not just a lens for TTV.

Bay just called from school - she's sick, I can hear it in her voice. So, I've got to make this fast. She is supposed to be leaving with Mom, Greg, and Sarah for Pismo Beach time with Robin's family, but she told me this morning that she did not know if she could make it. She's got to be sick if she will willingly miss out on that. She loves the beach and she loves her Robbie.

I'm using this one as my Facebook icon. My sister remarked that we look alike here. I'll take it - Bay is a beauty and I'd love to look even a little bit like her.

Okay, running off to pick her up........... Happy day to you!


♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

What great bonding time!

*gasp* You don't love the Canon?!?


Askew To You said...

I know, I know... You are a Canon girl, aren't you? I think if I had tried the Canon first it would be different.

It a great bonding time. We have so much fun shooting together.

Homemom3 said...

how's Bay feeling? Was she able to go in the end? I love it when a child of mine shows the same interest.

Anonymous said...

Bay is beautiful and it's great when you find something that you two can enjoy together as sometimes in the teenage years, it can be a challenge. I am one post behind, so I think that Bay made it to Pismo...