Saturday, April 10, 2010

We Made an Art Pact

My friend, Cheir Burbach, who is currently in the midst of a virtual book tour for her book, 21 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Someone With Diabetes, and I were talking today and we've made an art pact. We have given ourselves one week to do a painting. She paints with acrylics and I paint with watercolors, but neither of us has painted anything in a long time. 

I thought that by doing something creative, but not writing related, it might jump-start the whole creative process. My girl, Bay, reminded me the other day about how much I enjoyed drawing. She said something about my paintings (completed YEARS ago) and I've had the urge to get my pencils out and doodle ever since.

Not working for b5 has really opened up my ability to brainstorm new ideas. I don't feel so bogged down because of a daily deadline and because of this new freedom, I feel able to write more, come up with more ideas. Except for the days when I'm fighting with my teenager. On those days, I have no ideas, no energy, no anything good. Stress is not good for any sort of creative process. 

I've been looking through my Flickr photos to get an idea of what I might like to paint. So far I have these photos in mind. If you have a chance to look and you feel any sort of inclination to push me in the direction of one or the other, please let me know which one you like best in the comments. I put this one up last night, a purple iris,  or maybe a pansy, or maybe I should try something like water on a leaf?

And if you get the chance, I've reworked my beauty blog Girl Looks Swell blog and I plan to write there regularly now.

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