Thursday, April 22, 2010

Max Needs A Jogging Stroller

I think I've mentioned before that my son, Max (19), is disabled. As a young disabled person, he fits within the requirements to receive some wonderful services. I appreciate these services very, very much. I am lucky that I live in a state (California) that offers these services.

Sometimes the service organizatons refuse to work together. Three years ago, Max's school nurse suggested that Max would benefit from a jogging stroller. She knew that I was a runner and she also knew that I was concerned that Max wasn't stimulated enough, that he was always sleeping. By having a stroller of this type, I'd be able to take him running with me, plus it would make it easier to camp, go to the park, etc. I'm unable to take his seating system - a wheelchair that doesn't fold - with me in my vehicle, so we end up staying home. All the time.

Far Northern Regional Center will pay for a jogging stroller for Max. To do so, they need a letter from California Children's Services saying that they will NOT pay for one and they need two examples of chairs that would work well for Max (CCS is the one who is in charge of Max's OT and PT). Each organization says they have done what needs to be done on their part and then they tell me to "keep on" the other organization. They say they can't take the next step without something from the other organization. Both places say that their last communication was August of 2009.

Why don't they talk to each other, instead of me? I realize that I'm asking for something for free here - a therapy-based stroller that will make me son's life better. My problem is this - these people are not volunteers. They are paid to do these jobs. If there were not kids like Max and families like my own, then their jobs would be unnecessary.  Please give my kid the stroller before he's too old to qualify for it. PLEASE!!!! I wish that I could buy one myself, but the therapy people say he needs a special setting system which puts it out of my price range.

Tomorrow I'm calling both agencies. I want to talk to someone who can cut through this and get Max the equipment that he needs. I haven't asked for anything in years and I don't forsee having to ask for any special equipment again.
Thanks for reading this. I needed to vent a little

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Homemom3 said...

I am wishing you a ton of luck. From what I've seen through others this can become a real hassle. I really hope you get it resolved today though, I know you and Max would both LOVE this stroller. Good luck.