Saturday, April 17, 2010

Art Pacts and Pancakes

I think I mentioned that my friend Cherie and I made an Art Pact last week. Last night I finally got started on it. I said I'd be done by today. D'oh! Here's what I got so far.

I really need to work on my watercolor basics. I forget about 80% of what I learned. The next one will be better. (I hope). You can see Cherie's progress here.

Sarah and  I found a great recipe book in the latest Food Network magazine. It has 50 Pancake and Waffle recipes. Today,  I made my own version of a combo of three recipes in the book.  I made Yogurt Pancakes with Chocolate Chips. They were so fluffy and good. If you want to try them, you can find the recipe at my food blog here.

Image credits: Michelle Hamor Smith

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Homemom3 said...

headed to check out the recipe, that actually sounds good. :)