Sunday, April 18, 2010

Art Pact, Check!

I finished my Art Pact. Sort of. I want to go in and work on it with my pencils, now. Or maybe I should crop the part out that I don't like?  I'll figure it out. It was fun to get my paints out and I have some ideas about what I'd like to do for my next project.

My daughter and her boyfriend broke up yesterday. I had no idea that I'd get so attached to my daughter's friends, but I do. They are currently "talking it out." I hope they are able to come to a compromise, because I'll be sad if I never get to see him dance a little jig as we drive up to his house again. (Yes, he really does this, it's cute.)  He's nice to my daughter, Sarah, which is another thing that I appreciate. 

I mentioned this feeling to my mom today and we talked about an ex-relationship of mine that she mourned back in the day. My whole family loved that boy. Later, as adults, we tried again, but he wasn't the same. He seemed to be, he was good at appearing to be someone that he was not. My mom does not miss him this time. Not at all.

Bay picks sweet, shy boys. They have a touch of goofy, which is a plus, in my book. I wonder what sort of boys Sarah will pick?  I have a feeling she will go for goofy, too. It's a quality we value in our family.


Cherie Burbach said...

Love the goofy! Yes, I think those are the best kind. Sorry about the break up, tho.

I think your picture looks beautiful. Love it.

Michelle Hamor Smith said...

Thank you!! It was fun to do. Guess what? The kids are back together. They are working on "communication." Smart kids.