Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday - Good Day For a Tree Hunt

This is what the sky looked this afternoon. The rain was over, but it was wet-ish out, not cold. Really beautiful, in my opinion. I got some work done, let the bulk of the Black Friday-ness pass, then I went in search of a tree.

We have a little fake tree - white, extremely girly with pink, purple, blue, and gold lights. I love it and it fits well in the little living room, but sometimes I miss a real tree. My favorite trees were the Silvertips that my Grandma Artie is famous for. Okay, famous in my mind, anyway. They were wide open, broad-width, with silver-green branches. I will always see Grandma's trees as the perfect example. I'm going to ask my cousin to take a picture of her tree this year... Teri, if you are reading this, would it be possible for you to send me a picture?

I found a 6-7 ft tree for $29.99 at Raleys. Yeah, I was shocked at that price myself. It's not a Silvertip, it's a Noble Fir, but that tree is a beast. Huge.

It took me almost 3 hours to purchase and put up the tree - it required a lot of trimming along the bottom - but Max is pleased. I think I need two more strands of lights. I'll decorate it tomorrow.

Check out these cute Turkey cookies that Leah just dropped off. Now I know why she was searching Chico for candy corn. I love that girl.

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Dianne said...

that tree is a beauty
and a beast!!
it's huge

my cats would have a field day with it

the cookies are adorable