Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby's 1st Christmas

I was playing around with my camera the other day, something that I've not had a lot of time to do lately. I was trying to take a shot of a candle that I was reviewing, I wanted to show it lit because the holder was so pretty.

I don't know the trick to taking low light photos. I tried changing the shutter speed and that was interesting. Then, because I had the camera in my hand, I started pointing it at pretty much anything in the room. Do you do that? It reminds me of when I start watering the garden and pretty soon I've sprayed off the entire patio, including the overhead spiderwebs because it's just so darn much fun to play with the house.

Later, after I drove Bay over to Greg's house, I held the phone in my lap and would put it up and shoot blindly down the dark road in front of me. The lights looked like streams, slippery, swirly, stripes.
I decided to try some closer shots of my tree, which got tricky because I couldn't tell if the camera was fully in focus. Can you see me in the pink bulb below?
One of our family traditions is the Baby's 1st Christmas ornaments. Here is Sarah's ornament, from 1998.

And Bailey's little bear from 1992.

Max's ornament is a little harder to see. It's a white baby bottle. Can you see it? It's in the middle. Max's first Christmas was 1990. That was probably my most exciting Christmas ever. I can remember opening all my presents with my tiny little boy in my lap.

Mom got all the ornaments for me. I'm very excited about the holidays this year. I think we are going to do a bunch of baking this weekend. We make chocolate chip cookies, decorated sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, fudge....... and I think we'll do something else, something new. Maybe some sort of brittle. Any suggestions?
I still haven't heard from Steve. I have an ad up at, thinking that if he doesn't want me, doesn't want to continue to pursue a committed relationship maybe it's time to move on. But he never said he didn't want one, he just said he did not know about the future right now. I'm so confused. I want him, but he does this out of contact thing that makes me crazy. It hurts to be ignored. For days. For weeks. Doesn't he feel that I'm interesting? I don't want anyone else, but I feel like an ass sitting up here on the shelf for so long.
So, I made an ad and I really think I'm very relieved that nobody else wants me either and that's why I'm baking and taking picture after picture of my tree. I'm focusing on Christmas. I bought Max a little iPod Shuffle. Shh, don't tell him. He's going to love it. I hope.


{i}Post said...

First, yes, I point my camera at nearly everything. I even did close up ornament shots you! I also frequently take driving pics too.

The trick with low light photos is to slow the shutter speed, but then you need to use a tripod! You can't hand-hold a slow shutter speed without making the image blurry.

And last, you deserve better than someone who will set you on a shelf for days and weeks at a time. Do you really want him, or is it the idea of a steady relationship you want?

Hugs and smooches!

Leah said...

The shot of the pink ball would make a great Christmas card! Excellent!!!
Low light photos are tricky. Tripod for sure to keep things steady and thanks to digital cameras...experiment away. :) I've found different low light situations need different shutter speeds. I'm not very patient though so I always get frustrated with it.
You are interesting and deserve to be taken down from the shelf and enjoyed by someone who can appreciate you and all you have to give.
Oh, love the "first Christmas" ornaments. Excellent tradition.

ramblingwoods said...

I love the photos..I never know what setting or anything. I may have to break down and read the manual.. I am sorry about your boyfriend. I have been married twice and am not any closer to figuring out what motivates men so I can't help. I know the holidays as single (sort of) can be lonely..

Askew To You said...

Thanks ladies! I will invest in a tripod and I don't know what I will do about my bf. I am sure he has a totally different point of view. As in, I'm just trying to protect you from ......whatever.

Homemom3 said...

peanut brittle was always my favorite, can't eat it anymore though. can't give any pointers on pictures, I don't take them unless using my camera phone.