Monday, November 30, 2009

Ruby Tuesday and My Bike

My first Ruby Tuesday in awhile. If you want to take part, click here.
So far, so good with the exercise, although I almost forgot to ride today. I was in my van at 4:30 and I thought, oh man!
When I got home, I put my shorts on (yes, shorts, it's not cold-cold here yet) and I got to pedaling. I was only 3 miles in and it was too dark, so I headed home. At home, I can do a 3/10 mile loop in the apartment driveway. I had to be really careful, lots of people are coming and going at that time and I was not easy to see. Tomorrow, I'll take an earlier ride. I couldn't not do it on the second day of my plan.
When I arrived at the apartment driveway, two men, also on bikes, were coming right at me. We all turned in and dodged a car right off the bat (some people drive too fast here), then veered to the right, toward the West side of the apartments. One man was in front of me, one behind me.
The one behind me was faster, so he passed on my left, and we veered farther to the right to avoid another car.
It was just a few seconds and nobody said anything, but it was kind vroom, vroom. It reminded me of when I rode in the Wildflower and we finally hit town. Everyone was tearing down the street with the weekend morning traffic - it was exciting, but kind of jarring after riding for so many miles out on the country roads. I remember thinking, I did it, I did it, I'm almost there. I felt great.
I love riding. I run and it's what makes me feel strong and healthy, but riding is pure joy. (Unless I'm going uphill, then it's work).
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These Nine Acres said...

Blogger has been funky lately. I don't know what the deal is! I hate running and love riding (when it is flat!)

Askew To You said...

I like a flat ride, too. :) The Century ride that runs in the Spring has flat and hilly routes. I'll take flat, please. :)

Stephanie V said...

Pretty RT flower.
Riding is always more fun when its flat. You can actually look around and enjoy the ride.
Thanks for the visit.

daylily777 said...

Beautiful flower ! I'm glad you can keep up the good work on your bike , congrats on your efforts,;~)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous shot, so alive with color.